Current sanitary plumbing standards require the constant presence of a plumbing plug in the siphons, which is generally guaranteed by introducing air into the drain through a small ventilation duct coming from the roof. Pipes in conventional ventilation systems, however, have some limitations.

For this, Aliaxis has developed innovative single column solutions that do not require secondary ventilation pipes. In addition to reducing the footprint, costs and installation time, this novelty also ensures superior performance.

Our single column solutions solve typical building design problems:

●       Open or complex

●       Eco-sustainable

●       Modular

●       Medium-high

Aliaxis has formulated an ideal solution for all cases where it is not possible to pass pipes from the roof, the work space is limited or not very convenient, or it is necessary to add a secondary system for recycled water.

Designed to avoid emptying the siphons in vertically developed buildings, Studor Active Drainage Ventilation is a single column system that reduces internal pressure and avoids drilling the roof to mount a second ventilation column. In addition to ensuring optimal hydraulic performance, it allows you to reduce energy consumption, save space and manpower hours and improve the hygienic conditions of the building.

Aliaxis also supplies single column systems with aerators that slow down the flow of waste water to each floor, eliminating the need for bulky ventilation pipes. The aerator minimizes the pressure inside the system to ensure the correct functioning of the siphons.

Studor active ventilation

Studor active ventilation is a technological solution that can compensate for air compression and depression during sanitary water discharge.

Furthermore, thanks to the air inlet valves and the pope, problems of noise and bad smells coming from the siphons are avoided.

Column ventilation

The construction of waste systems necessarily involves the construction of ventilation systems capable of guaranteeing a physical balance between the flows.

Column ventilation products eliminate bad smells, prevent the emptying of the siphons, improve the evacuation flow rate, favor the emptying of the exhaust system and reduce the noise.

ARIO membrane aerator

Ario is the aeration valve that prevents bad smells and noises in the bathroom. Ideal for renovations.

Designed to facilitate the entry of air into the pipes when a depression is generated inside the system and at the same time avoid the emptying of the siphons, preventing the rise of bad smells.